Harris Allied is driven to build great teams and careers.

Global financial services organizations know it. Technology leaders and startup enterprises know it. The talent these organizations need to drive innovation and growth know it, too.
No matter where you are in your career—whether you're seeking a team or building one—we form long-term partnerships with our clients and candidates based on trust, honesty, objectivity and professional goals.
Our approach is based on three intertwined principles.

1. Serve the mission. We see the big picture clearly through the lens of an expert talent market advisor. We know that life-changing decisions are based upon our recommendations, as are company fortunes. We consult with clients to ensure their corporate objectives are met and candidates receive consistent communications.

2. Act with integrity and conviction. We use discretion, consistency, clarity of communication, and reliability to build trust and understanding, and accelerate our clients businesses. Our approach allows us to objectively assess the strengths of qualified candidates and make deliberated recommendations, to act as a filter and a promoter. We’re passionate about placing the right people in the right roles at the right time.

3. Partner for life. We know that every assignment has potential to develop a client for life—a relationship based on trust, empathy, and a deep understanding of professional and business goals. We use this personal approach to cultivate enduring relationships with people and their organizations. Our network of contacts and clients, built over the last 25 years, includes top investment banking firms, hedge funds, privately owned companies and financial suppliers.

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We filter the noise
for candidates and companies

We’re keen observers of the talent market—matchmakers who put the right person in the right place at the right time. We take on the toughest searches, form long-term partnerships based on trust, honesty, objectivity and professional goals.


Read what our clients say about us

  • Martin Adamec, CTO at DataDoc Solutions
    I came to know Kathy couple of months after I started working in Hutchin Hill. We started a search for two skilled programmers with quite specific profile that time. Kathy's company was one of the few recruiting groups we contacted with the request for this search. Since the early days of our cooperation I was impressed and I keep being impressed by the professionalism and effectiveness at which Kathy and her entire staff operates. At the very beginning Kathy requested a short meeting to clarify all the job opening description details important to us. The meeting was indeed short and right to the point. Shortly after the meeting Harris Allied send us the first candidate. He was exactly the one we were looking for. Unfortunately after we extended an offer the candidate apologized with an explanation that he accepted a better offer. Not even a week after we received a resume of another candidate and he also had exactly all what we were looking for. Needless to say that we extended an offer and shortly after hired the candidate. Therefore if you want to go through the process of finding and hiring the right candidate for your new job opening Harris Allied and specifically Kathy definitely has to be your partner.
    Martin Adamec, CTO at DataDoc Solutions
  • Global Head of Prime Services Technology, Barclays Bank
    “I have had the pleasure of working with Kathy for the last three years, she was instrumental in assisting me in the recruiting process. Kathy's tremendous insight and domain expertise in recruiting technical talent in the financial industry, allowed us to conduct numerous successful technical talent searches. Kathy provided a full service, job profiling, talent searches, talent identification, comprehensive candidate attribution, and post placement services (training, discussion forums).”
    Global Head of Prime Services Technology, Barclays Bank
  • Head of US Algo Development, Liquidnet
    “Kathy Harris is an unusual talent - she combines meticulous organization and studious focus with a real passion for performance. She has a remarkable grasp of all aspects of the businesses she supports and is very much participant and contributor to the decision making processes around her. As far as domain expertise goes, she's a most curious HR professional as she really 'gets' the inter-relations between finance and technology and the people who make up the field. This might be because of her assiduous professionalism or it may be that she's just at an advantage working in the family business. Either way, I know that Kathy can contribute serious energy and intellect to any business or process.”
    Head of US Algo Development, Liquidnet
  • Chief Executive Officer, GridApp Systems
    “I've worked with Kathy for more than a decade. She is an invaluable resource who not only has helped me build out my technology team but shaped my entire recruiting process. She doesn't simply comb the boards sending candidates over blindly. She listens to my needs and works diligently to bring in the most appropriate talent. I can't say enough positive things about Kathy as a business partner.”
    Chief Executive Officer, GridApp Systems
  • Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Picofemto LLC
    “I have had a business relationship with Kathy/HarrisAllied for some time now. Originally, it was for recruiting financial technologists. She was able to get some of the best technologists in front of me very quickly. I recently started a biomedical technology company, and very quickly needed an expert in Microsoft Azure. Kathy visited my offices with her colleague, explained her whole evaluation process, and within a day was able to provide me with a great candidate who I hired on the spot after an interview. I strongly recommend HarrisAllied without any reservation for companies that are interested in recruiting truly amazing individuals. ”
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Picofemto LLC
  • Head of Global Business Process, Credit Suisse
    “Kathy and I worked together at Liquidnet for three years. During this time our paths crossed in several areas: first, in her recruiting function, she was instrumental in helping me successfully build my team. She was the first person I asked to meet with a candidate; she knew both the company's requirements and my requirements, and she was first rate at assessing great talent. Second, Kathy was a key player in the Internal Communications area; she understood the messaging, and more important, how best to deliver the message in a fluid, dynamic environment. She is a strategic thinker who can execute tactically. She created several forums for delivering and receiving feedback, and she was able to take that data and build on it, so that there was a consistent and forward thinking approach in play. Lastly, our teams worked together on several projects and she was always a pleasure to work with; accountable, responsible, creative and fun. She's a great partner and I look forward to our professional paths crossing again soon.”
    Head of Global Business Process, Credit Suisse
  • Technical Recruiter, Avon Products
    “Kathy has always done an exceptional job on assisting me with locating hard to find candidate's with a focused background in the newest technologies and etc. I would highly recommend her services. She knows how to work from a distance and follow's up on details to ensure that she is always delivering top-notch quality.”
    Technical Recruiter, Avon Products
  • Seth Merrin, Founder & Chief Executive Officer Liquidnet
    “Hiring the right talent is the most critical part of running a business. Hiring the right people to get you the best people is the critical first step. Kathy and her team at Harris Allied have been an extension of our recruiting team since they were first formed. They take the time to understand our people and our individual search requirements. They target their recruiting and send us candidates that have been thoroughly vetted against both our specific requirements and our culture. They are a pleasure to work with and certainly one of the best recruiting companies we have ever worked with.”
    Seth Merrin, Founder & Chief Executive Officer Liquidnet


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