At Harris Allied integrity, honesty, transparency, credibility and discretion are the foundation by which we work with others. That foundation serves as our core values for making business decisions on behalf of our clients.

We employ a personalized approach and build one-on-one relationships with our clients and candidates to form long-term partnerships based on trust, honesty, objectivity and professional goals. Our approach allows us to objectively assess the strengths of qualified candidates and thoughtfully match them with the right opportunities. We partner with clients’ Human Resources departments to ensure corporate objectives are met and candidates receive consistent communications. We frequently consult with recruiting teams who seek our broad access to top industry talent throughout the markets we serve.

We’ve worked in the environments we serve and understand the industry demands of our clients to acquire top talent and build exceptional teams. Our network of contacts and clients, built over the last 25 years, include top investment banking firms, hedge funds, privately owned companies and financial suppliers. They are a testament to the boundaries by which we operate in an environment of trust, fairness and understanding.

Our clients value our ability to navigate through a densely populated world of IT and finance and successfully provide solutions to their business interests and specific objectives.